Have you been doing everything that's expected of you?... yet, you still feel like there's something missing & that deep down you know you're meant for more?

Have you daydreamed about quitting your corporate career & embarking on your own soulpreneur journey but not sure what you want to bring to life?

Are you feeling overwhelmed (stuck in auto-pilot mode) & not sure how to feel more joy, ease & freedom?

Are you wanting to uncover your deepest desires, feel more fulfillment & gain more confidence & clarity with the direction you are heading?

I’m thinking you can relate to this:

You’ve been doing what is expected of you &, from the outside looking in, you seem to have it all together - a good job, a nice house and maybe also a relationship.

So, what else is there? How could you be wondering if “is this really as good as it gets?"

The discomfort and angst of yet another week, month or even year going in circles feeling that life is passing by and you are trying to find that sparkle, that purpose you know you are here for.

The stress and daily feeling of knowing that there’s more to life than what you've been experiencing.

The truth is that something inside of you has started to stir & desire change. You no longer want to settle for a mediocre life & business. You're craving more but not sure how to get there.

Do you want to uncover your purpose so that you can build an authentic brand & launch it with success?

Are you ready to turn the chapter & experience a more fulfilling, vibrant & prosperous life, doing what you love?

The one where you walk through life with an unwavering sense of assurance, knowing that you are in alignment with your higher calling in life.

Imagine a feeling of ease & calm now being a part of your daily life.

Imagine feeling energized, inspired and actually EAGER to start another day.

No longer dreading another workday because you now have that inspired idea you are working toward.

No more wondering how to get out of a rut and feeling stuck.

Finally breaking free from old patterns and toxic cycles.

And the best of it?

You are now empowered to live life on your terms, Every. Single. Day.


Do you believe you are worthy of experiencing your dream lifestyle & soul-centred business?


What if you started to think differently about what you can create, enjoy and experience in your life & career path?

What if you decide you’ve done enough days, weeks, months & years in mediocrity and you’re ready to ...


Elevate Your Life &

Become a BossQueen,

Aligned to Your Deepest Desires?

Hi, I'm Christine Nicole & I'm a Spiritual Empowerment + Business Launch Coach, Energy Healer & Skin Care Formulator.

I can help you because I’ve been through this transformation myself.

In my late twenties it appeared like I had it all, for I was married, had good paying job & a nice house. Sure, my life appeared "successful" on the outside but it sure didn't FEEL successful on the inside.

The truth is that it felt empty & lacklustre.

I was in an unhealthy relationship & working in an unfulfilling job just for the weekends to escape reality by binge drinking.

My inner light was dimmed by hangovers and I was living without any magic or sparkle due to the lower vibration I was operating within. I had no sense of true fulfillment.

“Survival Mode” (a.k.a. just getting by on auto-pilot) was my day-to-day life.

More importantly than the outside changes shown in this picture, are the inside changes that took place. I attribute the transformation of my life, from the inside out, due to practicing radical self love and care (and for the first time prioritizing how I was feeling). What triggered this shift was a series of cataclysmic events (getting a divorce, losing my house, sustaining a traumatic brain injury, fracturing my skull, losing 100% my sense of smell) which subsequently lead to my spiritual awakening & exponential increase in my energetic sensitivities & intuitive/empathic traits.

I am filled with gratitude to say that I am now living a healthy & vibrant life, connected to my light-filled mission & purpose driven businesses.

Prior to becoming a Spiritual Business Coach, I first launched my own heart-driven business, including a high vibrational skincare brand, Bodycherish, and energy healing practice as a Certified Reiki & Crystal Healer.

Before that, I worked for 9 years as a Certified Physiologist & Primary Therapist, specializing in rehabilitation, career planning, mindset coaching and lifestyle management services. My work experience afforded me the opportunity to work with over 2 thousand clients, supporting them overcoming physical and emotional pains and struggles.

My holistic approach ensured incredible client transformation & my success stories have been featured in both magazine and newspaper, prior to launching my own private transformational coaching practice.

That is why I am here ready to empower YOU to reach your life & career dreams as well!


Danielle Anderson, Intuitive Clarity Coach

Taking the Elevate Your Life Coaching Program has done just that, it has elevated my life in so many ways. It has catapulted me on my path as an Intuitive Clarity Coach. Working with Christine has brought me so much clarity not only in my business but also in my personal life. Christine is truly one of a kind. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and she empowers you to take control of your life and your business.

Christine holds you accountable and equips you will all of the tools you need to succeed. When you have a coaching call with her it is like having a soft place to land when you are juggling life and getting crystal clear on your passion and purpose in business. I am truly excited for the women who sign up to work with Christine because  they have no clue the shifts and changes that they are going to make!

On my graduation call with Christine I was brought to tears because I have so much gratitude for the time I have spent with Christine in the Elevate Your life Program. I know I will work with Christine again in the future. If you are feeling that nudge to work with Christine, Do It!

Jessica Carless, Holistic Lifestyle & Fitness Coach Jessica Carless, Holistic Lifestyle & Fitness Coach, Uplift Fitness

I decided to enroll in the Program because I knew deep down that I was meant for more in this life. I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach and truly love working with my clients, but I was feeling that the name “personal trainer” wasn’t quite the right fit and that I was doing more than just helping my clients with their exercises and nutrition. 

The Program helped me become aware of what I truly wanted out of my life and how I could make that a reality. The modules and homework were soul searching and inspiring to live our dream life. Christine is so encouraging, empowering and genuinely cares for her clients. She listens and understands that life happens and she is quick to help you find a solution to whatever problem you are facing.

I always looked forward to our calls and was excited to discuss the homework and talk about the upcoming week. I am so grateful for Christine and the Program as they helped give me the confidence I needed to become a soulpreneur!

Shannon Olsen Shannon Olsen, Vibrations of Light

The Program has been life changing for me. Christine played a major role in my whole transformation that occurred by motivating and inspiring me to truly connect with my vision and bring it to life with clarity and confidence. She is a very genuine and beautiful soul who cares deeply about her clients' success. Christine offers continuous support and clear guidance throughout the program through the one on one calls, the worksheets and the amazing videos. This Program is full of information and tools to use throughout the program as well as your life to achieve and maintain a higher vibration and mindset of confidence and success. The energy healings were an amazing bonus to the program and so beneficial to keep you motivated and balanced while you work towards your dream lifestyle. Christine gave me the confidence boost I needed to truly believe in myself and my success in bringing my soulpreneur business into reality. I am so grateful for this program and cannot wait to keep going on my journey ahead. Investing in myself has been one of the best decisions I ever made and I cannot thank you enough Christine for this amazing experience. 

Shifairah Laidlow Shifairah Laidlow, Six Scents Home & Bath

Hey Christine. I wanted to take a few moments to really honour what I like about you so much, what about you is inspiring and what about you is truly unique. Basically, why you are so fucking beautiful! When you listen, you can tell you are truly listening. Like 100% you're here for your students. You lean in, and your eyes are on the one speaking to you. That is truly special because it feels like most ladies in the life coaching game do not have that specific trait. So thank you for that.

Your Authenticity is electric and raw. It feels true and vibrates with everything you do. You're real and you inspire others because you've actually done the work to get where you are at now. Your driven attitude inspires many, you continue to grow and push forward. You lead by example and you let nothing push you down. I could go on and on haha.  Anyways, the universe told me to message you this. So hope you have a wonderful day.

Danielle Klemm Danielle Klemm, Intuitive Tech & Biz Strategist

Working with Christine was absolutely fantastic. She helps guide through each module effortlessly, and taught new tools that I didn’t even know before like tapping or qi gong. With ones that I will use until the end of time!

I found the experience to be one I’ll never forget as she was hands down of my favorite people to have on my side while I figured out what I wanted to do. And now I’m about to launch my first group coaching program that through her guidance and support, made all the difference!

I highly recommend her for anyone who needs the clarity and support that only she can offer!


It is time to trust your gut and let it lead you.


Jaimie Ziprick Jaimie Ziprick, Puppy Love Apparel

 I was finally able to condense my testimonial into what is hopefully short enough to help potential clients see why they need to become 'now' clients! This was so hard because I wanted to gush forever... I highly recommend this program. I knew enrolling would give me a great learning experience, but I didn't know was how much of a life changing experience it would be!  The modules and homework are easily manageable. I looked forward to them each week, even while working full time, and being a mama to a very busy toddler. Christine is a wonderful coach who genuinely cares about her clients. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she is more than happy to share. She holds space and provides gentle guidance through anything that comes up, and excitedly celebrates your success with you.

I have gained a priceless new perspective on life that anything is possible. I have a clear vision for my business, and continue to gain traction on my goals thanks to the tools I have learned from this program. This also applies to my personal life. With a refreshed mindset, I've realized outdated thought patterns. I've worked through and healed areas of my life that I didn't even know where preventing me from stepping into my own power. The energy healing and angel cards complimented this aspect of my journey perfectly, and now I truly feel unstoppable!

I have gained essential business knowledge about social media platforms, strategic marketing, and website fundamentals. I have confidence to continue moving forward with my dream life. Joining the community of heart-centered, like-minded women who support and encourage each other adds to the invaluable experience provided by this program, and I will forever be grateful to Christine for this amazing service she provides.

Jean Mao, Professional Photographer Jean Mao, Professional Photographer, Jeanspiration

I am incredibly lucky to have Christine as my Coach - my life would not be the same without her! Her coaching was the start of my journey into taking my photography business to the next level as she provided me the foundation for 10x growth and success! My business has catapulted after she changed my perspective on what is possible for my life and work, and trained me to become a money magnet!

More importantly I have become more empathetic, caring and loving in all of my endeavours, especially my current relationship. Every week I look forward to the 1-on-1 calls with Christine. She is a JOY to chat with and carefully listens first, then shares her wealth of experience, unique insights and ideas to ponder.

The energy healing she provides is a fantastic value-add and just what I needed to help the healing process of my past inner wounds. Ever since Christine opened my eyes to the world of self love & care practices, the way I feel about myself has radically changed - I now love all aspects of my life! Thank you Christine for putting your heart and soul into what you do, I am sure you will continue to inspire and empower other women to live an incredible life aligned with their purpose and passion! 

FREE TRAINING - How To Jumpstart Your New Business With Success


If you're still reading this, you've been questioning where you are going in life. It is that stir of unease (often labeled as anxiety) but really your Soul craving more.

This is the point in life that you can ignore that feeling and try to shrug it off - continue playing safe.

But for the brave and fierce lightworkers of this world, who are willing to question this off-feeling and dive a little deeper, a shift from deep inside will start to take place.

A desire to experience more out of life. A desire to feel peace, joy & happiness each day.

To wake up and go to bed at night feeling ease but also excitement for the day ahead.

To no longer feel lost & out of alignment with your true purpose.

Where do you go from here? How do you heal and step forward into the kind of life and business you have only dreamed of?

I am here to tell you with 100% certainty that there is a way.

I believe I have "cracked the code" on how to get there & I know you can get here too by following a strategic sequence of steps offered in this Signature Coaching Program and by literally raising your energy (vibration) to a new set point.

That mixed with mega mindset shifts and changes in perspective will get the ball rolling and you will become the architect of your dream lifestyle. You will get connected and aligned to your deepest passions and purpose and once there, that is where you will feel true fulfillment.

Now my question for you is, what would you be willing to do in order to experience, within a short period of time the desired life you have been craving & yearning for? 

The one, where you walk through life with an unwavering sense of confidence & assurance that you are in alignment with your higher purpose & exactly where you should be. To have that inner voice of guilt replaced with a sense of calm & ease. A trust and knowing that you are on the fast track to an extraordinary life.



You Want To Uncover Your Deepest Desires & Feel More Joy, Ease & Freedom

You Want To Raise Your Vibration & Become An Energetic Match To Better & Better EVERTHING

You're Ready To Embrace Wealth Consciousness Principles That Will Transform Your Life

You Want To Align With Your Higher Purpose & Feel More Fulfilled In The Work You Do


If that Is You, Without Further Ado, I’d like To Introduce You To Your Game Changer ...


You are now the architect of your dream lifestyle.
You are fully connected and aligned with your deepest passions and purpose in life.
Feeling inspired & fulfilled is your new normal.

You get here by following the steps offered in this program and by literally raising your energy (vibration) to a new set point.

FREE TRAINING - How To Jumpstart Your New Business With Success



I offer 2 tiers of enrollment for the transformational life and business programs ranging in length of time from 8-12 weeks for Soulpreneur Jumpstart & 16 weeks for Elevate Your Life.

Elevate Your Life includes 38 video trainings & tutorials, as well as helpful workbooks, a private facebook community, lifetime access to exclusive membership site (where all content is housed), email support, invite to live mastermind each year, plus private 1:1 sessions with myself.  This ensures you are supported every step of the way and stay accountable to taking inspired action throughout each module to achieve monumental success!

I have supported dozens of women become successful business owners - including online coaches (lifestyle, spirituality, fitness, nutrition/weight loss), personal trainers, skincare formulators, ethical clothing brands, children's toys producers, as well as Reiki practitioners, crystal healers, yogi entrepreneurs, essential oil educators/distributors, photographers, workshop and retreat facilitators, and other forms of holistic health practitioners!


Since we know energy shifts happen through, well…. energy, you will receive monthly energy healing sessions personalized to you, your current situation and needs of that week. Nothing required from your part! You sit pretty over there and from over here I’ll be attuning to the Universal Life Force of Reiki and sending it to you via the distance method to further support you and your journey.

You will receive these sessions monthly & each session includes a crystal grid which I intuitively design to support your intentions. This supercharges your energetic upgrades by dissolving blocks and balancing your chakra centres.

These energy healing treatments will keep the positive momentum flowing and allow for you make energetic shifts and vibrational upgrades. This will ensure you have a new energy "set point" by the end of your journey so that you are irresistible to high vibin' and positive life experiences. 


There is nothing like getting a clear description of what the month ahead has in store for us - so we can prepare, recharge, recalibrate and re-energize as needed. Knowing that, every month you will receive from me an Angel Card Reading to provide you further guidance & support from the Divine (your Angels/God/Source/whatever you believe).


Each week you'll receive a new batch of private videos I have recorded for you to watch & the exact action steps to implement that will ensure forward momentum and success in your life & business.


Invest in this transformational experience once and get access to the content for life! That's right, you will be able to return to all the modules, course work and private videos forever. This game-changer program is continuously improving and getting more and more value and you will receive all the perks of this, including bonus modules, insider access to special discounts and a truly high vibin' community of women.


While enrolled in the program, you will be submerged in the absolute BEST facebook & instagram community of like-minded women, all so supportive and going forward toward their dreams. The energy, sisterhood and positive momentum of being inside this group is truly out of this world! Not only that, every single week there is a Facebook Livestream event to keep connected, share and receive additional coaching.


There is something incredibly transformative and empowering that takes place when you attend a live mastermind. The energy that is created in this space shifts you at a deep, cellular level and you leave with such belief and enthusiasm that you can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to. My exclusive masterminds currently take place in Canada and next year we'll be heading to USA and then overseas.


Additionally, you will receive video tutorials each week (that you'll have lifetime access to use) on different ways to raise your energy to feel better emotionally, physically and spiritually in the comfort of your own home. This will allow you to test drive different holistic practices and discover which resonate best with you (and provide you the best outcome).

For women enrolled in Elevate Your Life, you will have 1 break/integration week.

  • Your Vibration, Law of Attraction & the Chakra (Energy Centres) of the body.

    In this week, you will learn what you can do to literally “raise your vibration” through using crystals & essential oils. You will also learn the Universal Law of Attraction & how to put it to work of you and not against you, in addition to homework that will trigger you to start diving deeper to gain clarity on what it is you really want.

  • Detoxifying, Decluttering & Setting Boundaries + Your Dream Lifestyle.

    In this week you will clear the clutter, rejuvenate your space & detoxify your mind & energy field (and learn how to protect yourself from energy vampires). You will also receive homework that will inspire you to start dreaming BIG and design a lifestyle of your wildest dreams this week.

  • Permission to Dream Big & Conquer Procrastination

    The coursework in this module is incredibly powerful as it will ask your thoughts to start to go places you have never dreamed or dared to go. Effective tools to move through procrastination on your goals will also be shared to ensure your ongoing momentum.

  • Changing Thought Patterns & Creating New & Habitual Ways of Thinking Positively

    In this week you’ll develop an attitude of gratitude, learn how to use the power of “I AM” to get what you desire and solidify a morning ritual to get you in your A game. Additionally, you’ll learn how to perform Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping).

  • Reframing Goals to Your Core Desired Feeling States

    Getting clear on what you want and why you want it will be the foundation for experiencing a deeply fulfilling life. Homework this week will include creating a vision/mood board to support your new envisioned life.

  • How to Deepen Your Intuition

    In this week you will learn how to decipher when it’s your intuition talking or when it’s fear as well how to start trusting that inner voice. You will also learn how to decalcify your pineal gland & open up your 3rd eye chakra to deepen your intuition abilities & confidence in decisive decision making.

  • Discovering Your Subconscious Block.

    Digging deep and finding the root cause of that recurring problem. Healing the subconscious block and using it as rocket fuel to connect you to your deepest desires and soul’s purpose is the key step in experiencing true fulfillment. How we’ll go about this step is the trademark goldmine of this program.

  • Following Your Joy Pursuits

    Finding that childlike joy and making time to discover what lights you up & what comes naturally to you. Getting clear on your passion pursuits is a sure-fire way to align quicker with your soul purpose & calling in life.

  • Integration // Break Week

    Time to integrate and absorb what you have learned thus far and take some time out for yourself to practice radical self-love & care.

  • Mirror Work & Accepting Your Shadow Side

    In this week you will deepen your level of self-love and acceptance, including the parts you may have buried away keeping you stuck.

  • Permission To Chooose Again & Clarity On What's Next

    This week you’ll dive further into uncovering what it is you are truly meant to do &/or who you are meant to serve with your special gifts.

  • Become a Manifestation Maven

    This will you’ll learn how to increase your goal-crush abilities through the law of attraction and mindset work. You will also learn how to do Qi gong this week to feel more mental clarity, emotional clam and start your day with an open heart.

  • Reverse Engineering To Get What You Want

    With the positive momentum gained from the previous weeks, you’ll now be trailblazing forward with excitement toward your dream.

  • Become a Money Magnet & Attract Greater Levels of Wealth

    Learn how to shift your money attraction powers this week as well as an effective kundalini kriya to support your financial goals.

  • Creating a Vision & Mission & Squashing Limiting Beliefs

    This week you’re brainstorming the why (the powerful reason and purpose) for your life and/or new business endeavour & how to squash limiting beliefs.

  • Permission To Shine Bright & Calling On Your Angels

    It’s time to let your authentic self shine bright & brilliantly out into the world as well learn how to call on your Angels for ongoing help & healing.

  • Keeping The Faith & Mastering Your Plan

    How to hold the faith and continue planning ahead for unlimited success!

  • Become a BossQueen Graduation // Break Week

    This will conclude your 4 month transformational journey with Become a BossQueen.

Women may enroll in Soulpreneur Jumpstart as a stand alone offering or at graduation of Elevate Your Life.  The Soulpreneur Jumpstart modules include 28 video trainings & step-by-step tutorials, plus 20 worksheets, in addition to having an option of private 1:1 mentorship each week.

This is called an intensive for a reason - because you will learn EVERYTHING you will need to know to launch your business and attract a CONSISTENT STREAM OF NEW CLIENTS every single month. You will learn the actual system to have a REAL BUSINESS that makes you REAL MONEY, doing your heart-driven, purpose.

  • Gaining Rock-Solid Clarity On Your Purpose

    Uncover with confidence what exactly it is you are meant to do and offer

  • Developing Your Vision & Deepening Your Confidence

    Create the beautiful blueprint upon which your entire business model with be built upon

  • Getting Clear On Your Target Demographic

    Gain clarity on who it is you are meant to serve with your unique product, service or program

  • Social Media Marketing & Branding for Facebook Growth

    Learn how to build your brand with confidence while growing tribe and community on your own Facebook business page and Facebook group.

  • Social Media Marketing & Branding for Instagram Growth

    Learn how to create a cohesive brand identity on Instagram, while growing your followers, tribe & community + how to use IG videos

  • Creating Your Own Signature Offering & Programs

    It’s time to become the Queen of your life, throw your crown back on and sell and make money, consistently, doing what your were born to do.

  • Learn the Business Tech Systems & Create Your Lead Magnet

    Work smarter not harder while growing your email list with an enticing opt-in & deepen your knowledge in how to automate your online business

  • Creating Your Irresistible Salesfunnel That Will Convert

    Learn the art of taking a prospect on a streamlined (and automated) journey that will convert them into your dream client or customer who you love to work with

  • How To Make a Webinar, Masterclass or Video Series

    Learn the exact steps required to create your own webinar, masterclass or video series with step-by-step video tutorials

  • How To Create Your YouTube Channel & Attract More Interest

    Step by step tutorials shared on how to build brand awareness across this video platform

  • Create / Improve Your Website & Design an Enticing Salespage

    Learn the exact steps to make a fabulous website that drives traffic and salespage that speaks to your target demographic.

  • How To Make Your Facebook & Instagram Ads

    Skip technology overwhelm and receive step-by-step tutorials on how to make your advertisements without wasting money

  • Bonus: How to Run a Sales Call That Converts Into New Clients

    Learn the most effective scripts to ensure you feel confident & magnetic running your sales calls (or what I call suitability interviews)

  • Bonus: Learn What Legal Documents You Need to Cover Your Buns!

    Learn the exact documents any new coach or business owner must have in place

  • Bonus: How to Make More Monergy In Your Business

    Clear subconscious blocks that may be preventing you from earning more money


Shauna Schwindt, Health, Wellness & Nutrition Coordinator Shauna Schwindt, Health, Wellness & Nutrition Coordinator, Humbly Unique Wellness

I just completed the Coaching Program with Christine. And I can’t even begin to tell you how happy that I did! What I gained from her I will carry with me forever, she guided me in finding my true passion, confidence and voice. I was just finishing up school and was living in a state of “ Why am I not on this life journey that so many friends and women my age are on?” She guided me into finding my own peace with in myself to turn that into the fire that I carry in my business and life.

She is kind, honest, and dedicated to guiding you in whatever life journey you are on. I can't say it enough this has been a life changing experience for me and I really look forward to continuing working with Christine. The added bonus to the program is the constant support, encouragement, In person/ distance Reiki sessions, and all the wonderful added bonus content that is provided is absolutely amazing! Be prepared to be awoken from the old you that is stuck in your head to a new Empowered Goddess!

O.Williams O.Williams, Eva & Charley Collection

Christine's natural insight, warm personality and intuitive mindset was truly remarkable. The course content led me on a fun, rewarding and inspirational journey. I received so many helpful tools and found what resonates with me which I now incorporate into my life daily.

When we are connected and aligned to source energy, its so amazing what positive changes and remarkable experiences occur! It's natural . Each and everyone of us has gifts to share with the world and it starts with working on ourselves. How empowering!! It was truly life changing for me and would highly recommend anyone thinking about investing in themselves to trust the timing, trust your curiosity and be willing and open, the rest falls into place!

The world has so many possibilities and opening up to the unlimited abundance out there is the best feeling ever! I'm very grateful for this coaching course and for Christine's enlightened vision to help soul sisters be the best versions of themselves! She is a true gem. I am extremely grateful.

Megan Heinen, Young Living Essential Oil Distributor Megan Heinen, Young Living Essential Oil Distributor , Wild Free Joyful Oils

Christine’s Coaching Program was exactly what I needed to pull me out of the darkness that I was living in for months. I had been struggling, looking for a solution to the stirring that I felt in my heart. I was feeling unhappy with my life and experiencing breakdowns every few months. I knew there was more to life than my corporate 9-5 job, my “perfect” life which just empty, dark and depressing. I felt frustrated that I was not feeling fulfilled with my life, unsure of where to turn to determine how to find happiness.

Her program helped my find my light, it helped me understand what my limiting beliefs were, and how to discover what my true desires are!

You can feel her energy in the 1 on 1 calls, the weekly homework was manageable with a full time job, children and a marriage to balance. I love having a basket of tools to use when I am feeling stuck, tapping, yoga, meditation, self-talk and practicing gratitude! I have learned to shine my light , and I am currently laying the foundation for my own business and leaving my corporate job at the end of the year. Thank you Christine!!! 

Jaclyn Horne, Real Estate Coach Jaclyn Horne, Real Estate Coach, Smart Moves YEG & The Fulfilled Realtor

"Christine, I just want to send you a BIG thank-you! The last couple of months have not only been Life Changing, but also Soul Shifting for me. I'm so grateful for going on this journey with you. I feel like I've finally woken up again and got back to myself and the flow of the Universe. I'm incredibly grateful for tyou, your friendship, guidance and support. You Rock & I can't wait to Rock out with you in 2018. From the bottom of my heart - Thank You!"

Barbara Prezia, Author, Copywriter & Translator Barbara Prezia, Author, Copywriter & Translator, Barbara Prezia

I wanted to share an amazing win from last week. Remember how I said I scheduled a trip with no money? Later that day I received an email that I was the recipient of a bursary in the amount of what the trip cost! I cried with joy and relief as trusting the Universe and my ability to attract a U.M.A. [I teach my client to reframe loans/debt to Universal Money Allowance] for my birthday trip truly worked.

I am thankful for being in EYL at this point of my life as it has been a real life-changing experience...Thank you so much for all the encouragement Christine. The more I trust, the more I expand.

Thank you, you are a gift the Universe sent my way!

Rachelle Sukic, Reiki Practitioner Rachelle Sukic, Reiki Practitioner , Vibes2Thrive

You are truly amazing Christine! Considering we’ve never met, you seriously inspire and continue to impress me!! You’ve illuminated so many awesome ideas and possibilities I never knew existed, and have allowed me to believe it’s possible to succeed in doing something I love when previously I’ve wavered and withdrawn and struggled to find balance without surrendering to mindless conformity... just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and the incredible lady you are, and for opening up a world of possibilities for me and so many others. Thank you infinitely!


  • Crystal Healing & Essential Oils & other fun ways for chakra balancing
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sequences (also known as tapping on key meridian points). These sequences can make massive progress and positive shifts to our very own belief systems and feelings pertaining to certain topics, people and circumstances (including money blocks)
  • Gratitude Journalling to create positive momentum for your day
  • Vision Board Creation to bring more momentum to your manifestation abilities

  • Supplements & Superfoods to decalcify pineal gland to open up your 3rd eye and deepen your intuitive powers
  • Mirror Work to deepen self love & acceptance
  • Qi Gong Sequences to start your day feeling mental clarity, emotional calm and having an open heart
  • Kundalini Kriya to attract abundance and cashflow
  • Cord Cutting with the Angels
  • Yoga Poses for chakra balancing, anxiety relief and stress reduction


Megan H., distance Reiki & crystal healing client

That was f#cking awesome. Just did my first round of Emotional Freedom Technique (from Week 3's video tutorial). Mind blown. Problem Solved. Feeling empowered. Thank you!

I am on cloud 9 today! I laid in bed last night and focused on breathing (while receiving the distance Reiki). Totally felt more effects last night than ever before!

Jean , Reiki & crystal healing client

"Hi Christine, You truly made my day! When I think about you, your wonderful energy will be with me for a very long time. I loved my session and I feel very energized. ...Thank you for the very thorough recap. I am especially drawn to the Apophyllite. My favourite go to deck is Doreen Virtue's Healing with the Angels and guess what, you picked Serena, Angel of Abundance and I picked the Abundance card this morning as one of my 3 cards. Your oracle decks are very nice. I can't thank you enough Christine and already I am telling my friends about how fabulous you are. Thank you. Thank you.

Lisa L. , distance Reiki & crystal healing client

"I found Christine by luck... Not knowing anything about her, I read her about her personal journey and decided to try Reiki which I have had many times in the past (locally). I have now had 3 distance sessions (plan on more) and absolutely loved my monthly Reiki. Christine is a warm and generous soul. If you have never experienced distance Reiki I highly recommend that you work with Christine. She will help you clear your negative energy and guide your beautiful spirit to be the positive soul that was intended. Her videos are informative so make time to watch and learn from her powerful messages. My only regret is that I live in another country and would love to meet her one day. Do not worry about distant Reiki good energy will travel via her wonderful soul."

distance Reiki client 

Hi C! Quick check in! Well, the magic continues to unfold. I'm the luckiest woman in the world to have met the man I've just met... I will continue to keep you posted. Life gets better and better each second...Plus, a slew of other incredible things have happened--just as I suspected they might.

A deep bow of gratitude for all that you are and all that you do in this world. I will certainly be in touch again to schedule another session when I need it! In the meantime, I am sending you heaps of love and all that you need from moment to moment! 🙂

Kristin, distance energy healing client

Thank you so much for the (distance Reiki) energy healing this morning. It was a great way to start my day. I absolutely loved the session. I could feel healing vibrations going to the back of my neck. I also felt my ear pop. It's funny you mention digestion. I kept hearing my stomach moving around/settling. I was also sensing to do something with digestion...I love that you recommended citrine and green calcite for digestion as well. I will definitely use both to assist with this. Again, thank you so much! I will definitely be back and recommend you to others too. Much Love.

 Marylinda , distance Reiki & crystal healing client

Hello Christine, I want to thank you for the session last night and follow-up details. My fingers were tingling quite a bit and then I fell asleep!. I will be requesting another session in a few weeks. All the best.



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  • Q.Who is this Signature Coaching package for?

    A.It is for women ready to turn the page and start a new chapter and finally put themselves as the #1 priority.

    It is for women who have done what was expected of them and are now eager to embark on a transformational journey that will elevate all areas of their life (feeling a deeper sense of purpose, passion & fulfillment in life!)

    It is for women who believe their dreams are worthy of, not only being fulfilled, but also of massive compensation.. i.e. Money too!

  • Q.I already have started building my own coaching or holistic based business. Can this program help me reach new levels of success?

    A.Hell Yes It Can!! If that is your desired outcome I can tailor the coaching calls to create massive strides in your business. I have first hand experience launching 3 successful soulpreneur businesses! First, I taught myself how to turn my passion for making natural skincare into a booming online store (www.bodycherish.ca). Second, I learned how to turn my love for Reiki and crystals into a profitable energy healing practice.

    Third, I was able to build, brand & launch my online programs and coaching practice, within a very short period of time. Specifically in less than 24 months since launching, I grew my gross monthly income average by 1500%! Yes, you read that right. With confidence, I can teach you how to make your soulpreneur (heart driven business) dream a reality!

  • Q.How does the distance energy healing work and how long is it?

    A.Each of the months enrolled, you will be receiving a distance Reiki healing session. This will be done in the comfort of your own home. I will ask you to share an intention with me prior and that will assist me in intuitively preparing a custom crystal healing grid to support your goals. I will then attune to the Reiki (Universal life force energy) and send it to you as if you were laying down in my treatment room. While this takes place I suggest you rest, lay down or have a bath. At completion, you receive an email follow up with pictures from your angel card reading (part of session) and crystal grid.


You now have three choices:

1) Procrastinate & do nothing

2) Try to make all the changes on your own or

3) Allow me to help you, while saving you time & stress, and also enjoying a process that has been proven to work!

You are ready to rise. You can feel it bursting from your chest as you read this.

You know you are powerful beyond measure.

Now it’s time to get started.

Here is your next step

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In Magic, Light & Love,
xo Christine Nicole

Let's stay connected. I invite you to join the private facebook group!

Christine is next level! I have had many energy work sessions by other practitioners but after my first session with Christine, it became clear she was the real deal. She was able to take me to a depth I have never been able to get to before. Christine's professionalism, compassion and warmth create the perfect safe space for genuine healing to occur. Her passion and knowledge for crystal healing is very evident but it's her intuition that amazes me every time we have the pleasure of meeting.

Dr. Jessica Stankowski, Reiki client

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for yesterday! You are such a gem and I'm so glad you've come into my life. I am beyond excited to see where the next year will take me! I was talking with one of my clients today and he's looking at buying a bunch of bays close to his business already and offered for one of them to be mine so I could start up my own business ! Not going to lie super freaked out but at the same time extremely grateful! Who knows what will happen but I'm so happy that I now have access to you and you have given me so much more motivation that I can do this and how much I want to help people just like how you are! Much love"

, Reiki client

"No one is sent to anyone by accident! I found this amazing lady on FB at the end of October 2017! I have had 3 sessions with her Reiki, crystals & angel cards. She has changed my life & opened up blocking energies in my body & has nourished my mind & helped me with her amazing gracious gifts of incredible skill set to heal my Mind, body soul!
Christine just in 3 meetings you have not only filled my cup over, you have changed my mindset health xox so GRATEFUL love you girl, I thank God everyday for you on my health journey of becoming the best me xo
My greatest pleasure to have met you, life changing for me & I only share from my heart in hopes someone else can benefit from your hands xox
I am awakening to the privilege of realization that being me is the best gifts & working on becoming better!"

, Reiki client